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Because telling fat people that they are in fact humans that deserve dignity and respect automatically means you’re ~*GLORIFYING OBESITY*~

By the way, don’t dribble on to me saying you worry about a fat person’s ‘health’. That’s just a bullshit excuse to voice your unwanted opinion on a fat person’s body considering you wouldn’t give a single flying fuckadoodle about someone’s health if they were skinny. Besides another person’s health is none of your damned business anyway. Run along now and preach to a choir that actually cares.

I’m going to be honest, so long as you’re not hurting anyone, you can eat soy sauce and milk duds all day long for all I care.

EDIT: Let me say that I don’t think skinny people don’t get shit either. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they get a lot of comments on their size because they’re seen as being unhealthy, too. Sorry about my poor choice of words. It sucks when people tell you that you’re not allowed to feel a certain way because you look a certain way (ie: your thin privilege means your feelings never get hurt you don’t know what it’s like!!!)


One reason we as black people need to gain economic power is because we can create our own media outlets! We build TV stations and create TV shows promote images like this. These are the images our children should grow up to be watching!

The image in the presentation was found on tumblr. If Anyone knows created this tag them to it!
Post made by: oba_tayo

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